Junior Elementary Maths Mastery (JEMM)

Why was my child  selected?

JEMM was introduced to provide a boost to students from Year 3 upwards who have potential in mathematics, are progressing ok, but who would benefit from a boost! In many cases, the students are selected through a mixture of teacher judgement and through the use of our school data.

How often does the programme run?

The programme runs 4 days a week and is led by our team of Education Assistants. The students work in small groups of three or four students at a time. Each lesson takes between 15 and 25 minutes and provides instant feedback, diagnosis and correction of any problems that have arisen.

What is covered in the sessions?

Each lesson is complete within itself and is designed to support the students with their mastery. The lessons don’t cover one particular strand or topic, but a complete range.

There are 10 JEMM strands

  1. Whole number addition
  2. Whole number subtraction
  3. Number Facts
  4. Place value
  5. Number patterns
  6. Money
  7. Measurement
  8. Fractions
  9. Time
  10. Chance and data

Students answer one question per strand daily, with more strands being introduced throughout the year.

At the beginning of the sessions, some students may find the work easy….This won’t last long. The basic questions build quickly to create greater challenges.

To start with there are abstract questions but these then move to real-life situations.

What do the questions look like?