Administration Staff and School Contact Information

Ocean Reef Primary School
Kaufman Avenue
Ph: (08) 6206 7900

SMS: 0417 945 693 (absentee messages only please)

Principal: Peter Blackwell
Deputy Principal: Chris Smith
Manager Corporate Services: Sue Barr
Media & Marketing Officer: Janelle Barnett
School Officer:  Michele Green

Dental Therapy Centre

Open Monday – Friday
Ph: (08) 9307 4775

School Watch

School Watch Security:  1800 177 777

Please call this number if you notice any suspicious behaviour on the school grounds outside of school hours.

School Board

The Board of Ocean Reef Primary School works in partnership with the Principal to shape and monitor the school’s key objectives, priorities and general policy to enhance the education provided by the school. Our Board members share a variety of perspectives and expertise, and bring the views and context of the wider school community to the school. The Board also has a role in promoting the school within and across the community.

As Chief Executive Officer of the Board, the Principal is directly responsible for the educational leadership, development, operation and management of the school. The Principal regularly meets with the School Board (twice per term) to discuss strategic matters, including progress of the school Business Plan. The Board plays an important role in promoting the interests of the community to the school so that strategic development aligns with the needs of the local community.

Board meetings are open to the public – community members are welcome to attend.

The ORPS Board would like to encourage all members of our school community to come aboard and get involved in the education of your children. Participating in activities at the school demonstrates to your child that you value the school and value their education and value their future.

ORPS Board Composition  

Chief Executive Officer:


Elected Parent Members:

4 – 10 Parent Representatives
- including the Board Chair

1 P&C Representative
(nominated Yearly by the P&C)

Elected Staff Representatives

3 Staff Members

Community Members

Up to 4 Community, Industry or Education Representatives



Ocean Reef Primary School (ORPS) is fortunate to have a School Chaplain.  This article outlines the supporting role that the School Chaplain provides.

The day-to-day role of the School Chaplain is to provide pastoral care to students, staff and the wider School community.  Chaplaincy is about serving others, a concept that often runs contrary to the mind-set of modern society.  Pastoral care can best be described as being present for others during their life experiences, especially difficult times – “loitering with intent”. Pastoral care includes a wide variety of areas including physical and mental health, social and values education, behaviour management and emotional support.

The School Chaplain is a person who has time to sit and listen to people.  This could just be a general chat or by appointment for a range of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Experiencing difficulties at home.
  • Social and relational issues at school or in general.
  • Developing resilience and other social and emotional skills.
  • Exploring self-identity and self-development issues.
  • Talking about general worries and concerns.
  • Responding to critical incidents as part of the School’s support team.

YouthCARE is the current service provider of public school chaplaincy in WA and the School Chaplain provides the chaplaincy service to ORPS through a Chaplain Employment Agreement.  Chaplains deliver their services with RESPECT – COMPASSION – SERVICE:

  • Chaplains respect the diversity of views within the communities they serve.
  • Chaplains reach out to those in need to inspire hope.
  • Chaplains serve, create partnerships and recognise the contribution of others.

Our School Chaplain assists students to address difficult social issues by:

  • Building relationships with students, families and staff.
  • Offering pastoral care.
  • Being a mentor.
  • Providing additional practical help to teaching and administrative staff.
  • Offering input into spiritual and “meaning of life” questions.
  • Being a positive role model.
  • Providing a link between the School and professional services and local community.

YouthCARE chaplains are NOT permitted to proselytise (try to convert) students, staff or family.  It is, however, part of their role to discuss issues such as faith, spirituality and “meaning of life” questions – death, heaven, God, the “after life” – should they arise in individual discussions.  Often these types of questions occur as a result of critical incidents or adverse experiences in people’s lives.

ORPS is a secular school, which means it affiliates with no faith in particular.  This does not mean we remove faith; rather we respect all beliefs and none.