School Times


8:30am In classroom, prepare for lesson start
8:44am Siren to signal the start of the school day
10:55am Recess
11:15am Second session
12:15pm Lunch
12:25pm Commence lunch play
1:00pm Lunch ends
3:00pm School ends


School Hours

Children are asked NOT to arrive at school before 8.15am as adequate supervision cannot be provided.  If circumstances require that children arrive at school before 8.15am, parents are asked to write a note to the school.  Before 8.15am all children must stay within the quadrangle area outside the back of admin block.  The cabins are open from 8:30am and students are encouraged to spend some time getting ready for the school day with their class mates.

Children should be collected promptly at the end of the school day.  Staff often have meetings and training sessions to attend immediately after school.  If you are late please instruct your child to report to the Bridge and wait there till you arrive.  This saves panic when parents are late and ensure children are in a safe place until you arrive.