Ahoy Mateys!

Ocean Reef Primary School has a rich history, setting sail on its educational voyage in 1988. Our founding principal, Mr. John Thompson, was inspired by our proximity to the Indian Ocean and the surrounding Ocean Reef Maritime precinct. Thus, he charted a course for a unique school experience, transforming Ocean Reef Primary into a virtual ship – The State School Ship Ocean Reef.

Life Onboard

Our school structure reflects our maritime theme. Classrooms are known as cabins, grouped together as Port, Starboard, and Stern. The Early Years’ Education block is our Cadet Block, while the undercover area is the Quarterdeck. Navigate your way to the Chartroom (library) for knowledge and be guided by the crew at the Bridge (administration).

Leadership and Values

Just like any ship, Ocean Reef has its own crew leaders. We don’t have prefects, but School Captains and Commanders, who take responsibility and steer their fellow junior crewmates on the right course.

Our ship was built with a strong foundation of seven core values: Courage, Courtesy, Commitment, Common Sense, Care, Cooperation, and Consideration. These values are complemented by the recent addition of the STAR behavioural expectations (Sensible, Thoughtful, Achievement, and Respect) guiding students, staff, and parents alike.

A Lasting Partnership

From the very beginning, Mr. Thompson established a connection with the commanding officer of HMAS Stirling, forging a partnership that continues to this day. This collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has enriched the lives of our students, staff, and the entire school community.

The Navy has provided invaluable support at numerous school events, including graduations, ANZAC ceremonies, and Promotions Musters where senior students are awarded their ranks.

Drumming Up Excitement

For over 15 years, our school has boasted a vibrant Drum Corps. These young sailors have had the privilege of performing at prestigious events like Celebrate Maritime Day in Fremantle and during visits to HMAS Stirling. Their dedication and talent have even led to annual requests by the RAN to participate in the Celebrate Maritime Day festivities.

Building Bridges and Bonds

We believe in fostering a genuine connection with the Navy. Recent years have seen our students exploring the wonders of the Naval Base at Garden Island, inspecting submarines and touring HMAS Arunta. The Drum Corps even had the honour of performing at the Commanding Officer’s transition ceremony aboard HMAS Sirius in 2019.

Sister Ships and Shared Adventures

For many years, HMAS Warramunga served as our esteemed sister ship. After their change of homeport, HMAS Arunta proudly took on the role. The crew of HMAS Arunta actively participated in past Book Week celebrations, reading to students and joining the Extreme Reading competition.

The maritime theme extends to our uniforms as well. The three stripes on our shirts are a deliberate design choice, mirroring those of seamen and solidifying our connection to the seafaring life.

Setting Sail Towards a Bright Future

Ocean Reef Primary School remains committed to providing a unique and enriching educational experience for all students. With a focus on strong values, a collaborative spirit, and a touch of maritime flair, we continue to navigate the seas of knowledge and prepare our young crew for a successful voyage in life.

RAN Officers participating in our Extreme Reading Challenge