To enrol at Ocean Reef you will need to complete the Application for Enrolment form. The following information is also essential and must be provided at the time of enrolment.

  • Birth certificate;
  • Identity documents;
  • Proof of address;
  • Immunisation certificate;
  • Court orders if applicable;
  • Emergency contact details;
  • Details of any disability;
  • Any ongoing medical condition and procedure to be followed during the school day.

Pre-Primary Enrolments

In 2013, Pre-Primary became compulsory and for the first time all children are guaranteed places in their local schools.

Who Needs to Enrol?

Please click here to see what year your child can start school in a WA public school.

If your child is currently enrolled in Kindergarten, you will need to re-enrol them for Pre-primary.

Applications for Kindergarten enrolment close on the Friday of week 1, term 3 each year.

Overseas Enrolments

If a child is not a permanent resident of Australia, we would need to see the following in addition to the documents listed above:

  • Child’s passport and travel documents
  • Evidence of date of entry into Australia
  • Visa (including three digit visa subclass number). Some visa subclasses allow for automatic enrolment, however some visas require a fee to be paid to the school.

Download the intake area map

Download an editable pdf application for enrolment form