As Principal of the Ocean Reef Independent Public School and Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Reef Independent Public School Board, it is my pleasure to welcome you to a new school year. Once again the board looks forward to a busy year providing support and guidance in school planning and direction setting.

The role of the School Board is to enhance and provide support, direction and community input into school development and policy. Each year, the Principal will provide a whole school report to the School Board on progress against the Ocean Reef PS Strategic and Business Plan, along with proposed action plans to address identified needs and review changes to the Plan.

As Chief Executive Officer, the Principal is directly responsible to the Department of Education for the educational leadership, development, operation and management of the school. reports to, seeks advice and gains ratification from the School Board on strategic matters, including progress of the school Business Plan.

The School Board is referenced as part of the regular independent review of the school’s performance.

Expressions of Interest 2021

Parents, community members and business/industry members are encouraged to nominate for positions in 2021. In making this commitment, prospective Board members should be prepared to:

  • Be willing to donate their time and expertise.
  • Contribute to the work of the School Board and to act in the best interests of the school.
  • Commit to the School’s Ethos.
  • Contribute to the development of Ocean Reef Primary School as an Independent Public School
  • Demonstrate confidentiality and sensitivity to differing views and have the ability to work in a spirit of cooperation – members “speak as one voice” in the public arena once any decision has been made.

The Board meets once each term, usually on the sixth Wednesday of the school term from 4:15 to 6pm in the School Staffroom. Meetings are of ninety minutes duration. Some matters may be discussed via email. Additional committee meetings and/or special meetings are held as required.

Expressions of Interest can be made via

Functions of the Board

The School Board will act to promote the objectives and interests of the school community, with its role being to provide strategic guidance and monitoring.   The School Board will:

  • Be actively involved in endorsing the school’s Delivery and Performance Agreement, Budget, Business Plan and Annual Report.
  • Endorse the financial arrangements necessary to fund school objectives, priorities and directions
  • Monitor the school’s performance and student performance targets.
  • Represent the school at community meetings or functions.
  • Develop processes to review the satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students.
  • Be involved in selecting the Principal when a vacancy
  • Create interest, within and across the community, about the school.



Chief Executive Officer


Elected Parent Members:

Board Chair (elected by the Board)

4 – 10 Parent Representatives

1 P&C Representative (nominated Yearly by the P&C)

Elected Staff Representatives

3 Staff Members

Community Members:

Up to 4 Community, Industry or Education Representatives

The composition of the School Board reflects the diversity of the school community; strategic planning; and development goals. Elected and community members will need to have the skills and experience required to provide sound governance and informed decision making in meeting the requirements of the School Education Act 1999 and Delivery and Performance Agreement.

Previous experience on a School Board is not essential; however a commitment to the position and the responsibility is essential. The number of members of the Board will be a maximum of 15 people with the guideline that there will be more than 5 but no more than 15

Appointment to the School Board

The board is composed of:

  • Four to ten parent members – elected by the school com
  • Three school staff representatives – elected by the school staff.
  • One parent member – elected by the P&C
  • Up to four community members with varied expertise and different perspectives – appointed by the Board from the list of nominees.
  • Additional community members with specific skills and networks may be co-opted onto the Board, by the Principal and Chair, for strategic
  • Members are elected for two years, they are then eligible for renomination and election.
  • The position of School Board Chair is elected by the School Board.

Elections to the School Board are made through the following process:

The Chair and school Principal call for nominations to the board from the school community.

Interested and suitably qualified candidates submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) addressed to the Principal. The Expression of Interest should include a brief statement about the candidate’s interest in joining the School Board and include an outline of their skills and experience.

The Principal and School Board Chair will prepare a shortlist of candidates, based on the desired skills, experience and diversity identified as being relevant for the School Board.

An election will be conducted by the Principal with each parent (or responsible person) whose name and address has been provided to the school being eligible to vote. Candidates will be notified in writing of the outcome.

Further information is available if you would like to contact me:

Telephone: 6206 7900         Email:


Peter Blackwell
Ocean Reef Primary School.