We have chosen to title this communication Reach Out as this is our school motto.  Our motto calls for us to:

  • Reach out in friendship and assistance
  • Reach out for knowledge and understanding
  • Reach out into the unknown
  • Reach out to excel in all fields of endeavour

Reach Out aims to provide the school community with an overview of school operations throughout the year. The information provided focuses on selected areas within each of the five domains of the Public School Review Process, these being:

  • Relationships and Partnerships
  • Learning Environment
  • Leadership
  • Use of Resources
  • Teaching Quality and
  • Student Achievement and Progress

We hope Reach Out provides information that helps support the communities understanding of the educational programs, strategies, and focus aboard our ship.

Reach Out Semester 2 2023

Reach Out Semester 1, 2023

Reach Out Semester 2, 2022

Reach Out Semester 1, 2022