Ocean Reef Primary School Dress Code

Kindy Students

Students should wear the red polo shirt with school logo.  Sailor style dresses for girls who are pre-primary upwards are also part of the uniform.

Pre-primary upwards

Students should wear the blue polo shirt with school logo, Sailor style dresses for girls who are pre-primary upwards are also part of the uniform.

Pant/shirt options include:

  • Navy pleated sports skirt worn with either navy sports brief or navy bike pants as undergarments or Navy skort, navy shorts
  • Navy Shorts – (no football shorts, brief shorts or board shorts) to be worn with any of above-mentioned shirt/t-shirt options.
  • Navy blue micro-fibre wind-proof jacket with logo
  • Navy track pants or navy full-length pants (not jeans)
  • Micro-fibre navy track pants


All students should wear appropriate footwear. Acceptable options are joggers, closed in shoes and flat sandals.  Footwear is to be predominately white or predominately black.  Unacceptable items of footwear include thongs, surf sandals, any shoe with an elevated heel, massage sandals, ugg boots and any backless shoes are not allowed.


The school has a ‘No hat no play’ policy for the oval.  Navy broad-brimmed hats, school bucket or legionnaires hat are the only acceptable hats.  School bucket hats with reversible ship colours are available from the uniform shop. Caps are not permitted.


In the interest of student safety, jewellery should be kept to a minimum.  No costume or fashion jewellery is acceptable.  Plain sleepers or studs are acceptable earrings.


Makeup is not acceptable for any student.  Nail varnish should not be worn at school.


Hair longer than collar length must be tied back to aid in the prevention of head lice.

Sports Carnivals and Other Ship Events

On carnival days students can wear t-shirts that represent the colour of their ship, there is no specific shirt that should be worn. 

Click here to read the Dress Code Policy 2019

Where can I purchase the School’s uniform?

The school uniform is available through Uniform Concepts

Items are sometimes donated to the school P&C. Second-hand items are available from the P&C Room on a Friday morning.