Year 6 fun day out at Bounce- 17th April 2024

To kick start their final year of primary school, our Year 6’s went on their first fun day out for the year: a trip to Bounce and Subway in the park!

Pre Primary Robotics- 16th April 2024

Today in our Cadet room, the Pre-Primary’s were looking at how robots are programmed to complete certain tasks for a purpose. They used their robot, Dash, to complete tasks such as knocking over a block, driving around a rainbow or driving to the fairy house.


STAR Crew for 2024- 26th March 2024

Meet our new Year 6 students who make up our school’s STAR Crew! These students have put their hand up to help out Mrs Barton-Harvey with collecting STAR tickets and ensuring that the rest of the school are continually demonstrating our STAR behaviour.



Awesome Kids for Term 1- 22nd March 2024

2 students from each Cabin were chosen by their teacher to have pizza with Mr Blackwell and Mrs Schipper today. These students were chosen because they continually display our 7Cs and STAR behaviours.









EDU Dance Concert for 2024- 22nd March 2024

After a quick Term 1, K-6 students were able to present the most amazing dance concert to their parents! Students displayed all of our 7C’s and STAR behaviours as they learnt a series of dance moves to perform.


Harmony Day- 21st March 2024

Today, students came to school wearing orange, the colour of Harmony Day to represent all the different cultures and backgrounds that we have in our community. Everyone Belongs.


Calm Corner- 20th March 2024

Mr Pannell, our Japanese teacher, has a passion with student mental health and wellbeing. He has set up, in each classroom’s block, a calm corner. This is a safe place that the students will be able to visit and reset their minds and bodies to allow them to return to class, focussed and wanting to learn. What a great idea! This is a picture of what is in the Year 1 & 2 block.








National Young Leaders Day- 20th March 2024

The Commanders attended the 2024 National Young Leaders Day at the Perth Convention Centre with Mrs Cheshire. They were inspired by the speakers to never give up, face their fears, keep practicing no matter what it is they want to do and that it’s better to be in the arena battling it out than to just be a spectator.

Lego Club- 19th March 2024

LEGO Club has once again been a great success in Term 1, 2024. Tuesday, March 19, like every Tuesday saw a full house of enthusiastic budding LEGO masters working hard to complete their model before the end of term.


Parent and Teacher interviews- 13 March 2024

Parent Teacher interviews were conducted on Wednesday, March 13. Staff greatly appreciated the opportunity to share what our junior crew have been doing during term 1. The opportunity to share goals for our junior crew is invaluable.


Drum Corps- Term 1, 2024

Once again we have a full compliment participating in Drum Corps in 2024. Under the expert tutelage of Mr Peter Cobb, our Drum Corp members have developed their drumming and marching skills at a tremendous rate. The sound of the Corp reverberates across the ship every Wednesday morning at 8:00am.


Redeployment Muster- 7th March 2024

To even out the number of crew members in each of our 3 ships, we had our very first Redeployment Muster. Each student was given a brand new Ship hat to welcome them into their new Ship- Red, White and Blue.

Year 5 Ocean Reef Senior High School Science Program- 8th March 2024

This year, we are again, very lucky to apart of the Ocean Reef Senior High School Science Engagement Programme which involves the Year 5 students having Science lessons delivered by ORSHS Science teacher, Mrs Le Feuvre over a 5 week period.

Pink Shirt Day- 28th February 2024

Today we recognised and celebrated PINK DAY: the story of kindness and thoughtfulness of two students, who stood up against bullying and made a difference.

Year 5 & 6 beach swimming lessons- 26th February 2024

For two weeks, our Year 5 &6 students attended Mullaloo Beach for their swimming lessons. As we are situated so close the beach, this is a fantastic learning opportunity for our students to experience swimming at the beach and understanding their risks and what to do, if they get trapped in a rip.

FIRST Lego League Challenge- 10th November 2023

A very big congratulations to all of our crew members who participated in the FIRST® Lego League Challenge today. Student STAR behaviour was exemplary. I am very excited to announce that the Ocean Reef Seafarers Team achieved an amazing result of equal 7th out of 22 teams in the robot challenge. Congratulations!

Remembrance Day Muster- 10th November 2023

We just had our Remembrance Day muster to commemorate those who have and continue to serve in war and peace keeping activities. Our Commanders spoke beautifully and our whole school displayed respectful behaviour throughout the muster. Lest we forget.

Commanders lunch to Parliament House- 7th November 2023

Our 8 Commanders had a lovely day at Parliament House today on behalf of Emily Hamilton! We started off with a tour of the grounds and then through Parliament where we met with Emily in the dining hall for our 2 course meal! Emily then invited us into the public gallery to observe question time where we got a special acknowledgement from Madame Speaker. Overall, I think our Commanders enjoyed the day and impressed Emily with their ideas on getting our basketball courts resurfaced, basketball nets installed and public rubbish bins to try minimise the dog poo on our oval!

Interschool sport events- 20th October 2023

What a fantastic week of Interschool carnivals. Starting with the Jumps and Throws where we came 5th out of 8 schools. We came away as winners of the Interschool Athletics Meritorious shield. This award is really important as it is awarded to the school with the highest points using a formula to divide final points by school population. Our athletes were absolute superstars, cheering each other on and supporting one another both days. Thanks to all parents for coming along and staff who helped both days run smoothly.

Term 3 Awesome Kids Lunch with the Principal- 22nd September 2023

Our Term 3 Awesome Kids were invited to have pizza lunch with our Principal, Mr Blackwell and our Deputy, Mrs Orzel. These students were chosen by their teachers for continually displaying STAR behaviour.

Whole school excursion to Kings Park- 20th September 2023

Today our crew had the opportunity to attend Kings Park as a whole school. They participating in dancing, exploring and learning about our Aboriginal Culture that relates to Kings Park and greater Perth. To our staff and parent crew (43 in total) from all of the junior crew a huge thank you for making the day such a success. Thank you to the P&C for supporting our annual whole school excursion.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day- 19th September 2023

Notorious Nic, Kat O’Nine Tales, Valiant Vanessa and Mini Pirate Tyler visited all cabins today to ‘steal’ the donations – we raised $200.05 towards Kids Brain Cancer Research! Amazing!

Celebrating Wellbeing Day- 7th September 2023

Our guests from Zero2hero taught the students about different aspects of mental health. The afternoon activities put a smile on everyone’s face with everyone participating in a variety of fun filled rotations. Everyone was a STAR SUPERHERO! Thankyou to everyone who supported by donating a gold coin, dressed up as a Superhero, as well as the families who helped out with face painting.

Ship’s Athletics Carnival- 4th September 2023

Well done Red ship for winning this year’s Ship carnival trophy!

National Science Week- Innovations- 18th August 2023

This week for National Science Week, students learnt about how the icecream cones, chocolate chip cookies and post it notes were created and some famous Australian inventions such as the Black Box and the creation of wifi! They ended the lesson by looking at 3D printing and how scientists and innovators are using it to help in many different areas.

Year 5 & 6 Lightening Carnival- 23rd June 2023

A win in the netball and 4th out of 9 in the soccer. The AFL were hit hard by injuries but battled on anyway to have a good day. Best of all was the comments we received about how caring and kind our students are. Excellent sportsmanship and courage shown all day by our Year 5 & 6 students.

Ship’s Cross Country- 14th June 2023

All the ship’s crew had a fantastic time participating in the Ship Cross Country Event today. We saw plenty of commitment and courage today as well as awesome sportsmanship and care shown to fellow runners. The Commanders did an excellent job of setting up and encouraging the runners.

Science Alive incursion Years 1 – 6- 12th May 2023

Today, the Years 1-6 participated in the Science Alive incursion. This related to the students as they were currently learning about energy and electricity. Mick, the presenter was very engaging and got many laughs and ‘ooooo’s’ from the students! Ending the year 3-6 show with the exploding cornflour was a crowd favourite and was caught in slow motion!!!!

ANZAC Day Muster- 6th April 2023

Today, we commemorated ANZAC Day earlier as it will fall in the holidays. We were joined by Flight Lieutenant Aaron O’Shea, Peter Cobb and Kat Backhouse. Our Captains and Commanders did a wonderful job running the service. The P&C donated an amazing statue and plaque which will be placed near our flag pole. The STAR behaviour of all students was outstanding and they should all be very proud of their respectful behaviour.

Splatacular Fun Run- 6th April 2023

What a fun afternoon running around the oval getting messy with slime for our P&C fundraising event!

National Young Leaders Day- 20th March 2023

Our 8 Commanders attended the National Young Leaders Day Conference at the Perth Convention Centre to listen to 4 speakers inspire the future generation! This was the first year that they had both primary and high school leaders attend and the speakers ranged from Eliza Greene, a professional surfer, James Fulley, author and illustrator (crowd favourite) Matthew Pavlich, ex Fremantle AFL player and Simone McCurk, minister of youth.

Ship’s Athletics Carnival- 8th September 2022

The Ship Athletics Carnival was held on the 8th September. Red, White and Blue battled it out in the long jump, triple jump, throws, sprints and relays. At the end of the day, Red was the winning ship by a small margin. A wonderful day was had by all with the crew all displaying STAR behaviour, competing fairly and showing excellent sportsmanship all day. As one competitor said, “I had an amazing day – it was so much fun!”

Year 5 Interschool Speech Competition- 26th August 2022

On the 26th of August, Jax and Neive competed in the Interschool Speech Competition held at Quinns Baptist College. Both Jax and Neive have been practicing and fine-tuning their speeches with Mr Madden over the past few weeks, with Neive’s topic being “Disney movies are great, until they start to sing” and Jax’s being “A day in the life of my principal”.

The competition was fierce, with many schools, competing for a place. Both did a fantastic job, with Neive taking out 3rd place and Jax getting huge laughs from the audience. Both students said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to continue public speaking as much as they can.


EduDance 2022

During Term 1 all children in years Kindy to Year 6 will be involved in a dance education program called Edu-Dance.  This specialist program has run very successfully since 2007 and has been booked again for 2022 as part of the physical education program.  Edu-Dance will run for 9 weeks starting on Thursday 10 February. The end of term concert will be held on Thursday 7 April 2022.

Leeuwin Day Sail –  23rd February 2022

As part of our new cycle of school excursions, the Year 5s and 6s participated in a day sail on the tall ship, Leeuwin II.  In addition to our obvious links to the ocean, a focus of the day sail was team building, helping the Year 5s & 6s become closer as a group and develop those very necessary cooperative skills which they will hopefully use during the year.

Christmas Concert 2021

Congratulations to all students and staff for their amazing Christmas Concert.

 Indigenous Cultural Experience- 3rd December 2021

Pre-Primary to Year Six students and teachers enjoyed a most entertaining performance by Derek Nannup, Noongar storyteller, actor, comedian, dancer and didgeridoo player. It didn’t take long for everyone to be in stitches of laughter. The students watched and listened in amazement as Derek played the didge, mimicking the kangaroo hopping, kookaburra laughing and dingo howling. Derek explained that Indigenous People became skilled hunters because they watched and imitated the wildlife. There were plenty of volunteers to join Derek on stage to perform storytelling dances. Special thanks to Mr Nawab Rind for arranging this special event for us.

State Library and WA Museum Excursion – Year 3 & 4

During Term 3, the Year 3 and 4 students ventured into the city for a full day excursion to the State Library of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip. While investigating a range of primary and secondary source materials related to different places around Perth including the Swan River, Royal Show, Kings Park, Perth Zoo and the beach, the students made a time-line and discussed how these places had changed or stayed the same over time. The students also enjoyed a guided walk through the city centre exploring important landmarks including the Perth Railway Station, Forest Place, Plaza Arcade, London Court and Perth Town Hall. Most students agreed that the highlight of the day was exploring the museum, with the Wildlife and Innovations sections being favourites.

Dads’ Camp

Our annual Dads’ Camp out on the oval was well attended again this year; we were so lucky to have amazing weather.


A couple of weeks ago, the students in Years 3 to 6 had an introduction to golf, provided by Golf WA.


Yesterday, our Commanders were invited to Parliament as the guests of Emily Hamilton MP. Over lunch in the exclusive members dining room, the students asked Emily about her role as a leader in WA, what it meant to be an MP and they got to give their feedback on issues that were important to them as future leaders in the Joondalup community. After a tour of Parliament, the students observed Question Time, and were amazed to hear footage on the news of what they had observed live, less than one hour before.

STAR Birthday

Every year we celebrate STAR’s birthday. The STAR reminds us of the expectations we place on each other, as members of the Ocean Reef PS community. Being a STAR means being Sensible, Thoughful, Achieving and Respectful. Mrs Barton-Harvey and her STAR Crew organised a fantastic afternoon of games that helped us practise being a STAR.

Remembrance Day 2021

Today, at Ocean Reef, we will join together to remember all those who we have lost in battle. It is a time to show our true gratitude to those that left their homes – never to return – so that we can live the lives we lead now.

Halloween Disco – A Scarily good time was had!

I think we have all been having a fantastic time at our Halloween Disco? A huge thanks to the P&C for organising and all of our parents for giving up a little time to support the event – We really appreciate it!

Commanders for 2022 elected

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 5 students have undertaken a rigorous selection process which included writing to Mr Blackwell, designing a poster and presenting a speech to their peers and teachers in order to choose our six 2022 Commanders. There were 20 students in total who demonstrated the courage to put their names forward and we would like to congratulate them on their excellent efforts. Congratulations to Jilian, Jay, Sophia, Camden, Alicja and Maisie who were selected.

Interschool Dodgeball Champions 2021

Congratulation to the Year 6 Interschool Dodgeball Team who were victorious at the event held at Beldon PS on Friday which caps a fantastic week of Interschool sports.

Visiting Author – Anna Walker

At Ocean Reef, we are looking for opportunities for authors and illustrators to work with our students to help inspire their writing.

On Thursday 4 November, our Year 1 & 2 students used the wonder of technology to participate in an online workshop with Anna Walker – a Melbourne based author and illustrator. Some of her books include Mr Huff, Lottie and Walter, Hello Jimmy and more. In the interactive online workshop via Zoom, Anna Walker guided students through her process of creating the picture book Florette and then lead the students in some creative drawing activities. This incursion was facilitated by the State Library of WA education team and was offered at no cost to a select number of schools across the state.

What an exciting and inspiring morning for our Year 1 & 2 students to hear from a published author and illustrator!

Emily Hamilton Card Awards

Congratulations to Lexi, Bruno, Kalen and Riley for having their designs selected by Emily Hamilton to use on her cards. Kalen even got a special card from The Premier to recognise his design that included a picture of Mark Magowan.