It is a requirement of enrolment that you inform us of your child’s immunisation history.

Why is immunisation Important?

  • Vaccine-preventable diseases can have serious health consequences for school-aged children and others in the community. You can help protect your child by ensuring their vaccinations are up to date.
  • Children who are not fully immunised for their age may be excluded from school during outbreaks of some vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles.

Why do I need to share my child’s immunisation history with the school?

Whenever a child is enrolled at a new school, parents are required by The School Education Act (1999) to present their child’s immunisation records.

What immunisation records do I need to provide to the school?

If your child was born in Australia, their vaccinations will be registered on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

You must provide the school with a copy of your child’s AIR history statement as indicated in the table. alternative vaccination records can be difficult to interpret and will not be accepted by the school.

If you have chosen not to immunise your child for any reason, you are required to provide the school with the following documents:

An AIR history statement indicating that no/some vaccines have been administered

a conscientious objector letter from Medicare. You can obtain this letter through your GP.

Point of Enrolment
Immunisation record required by the school
School entry – K/Pp/Primary school AIR Immunisation history Statement
Transfer between schools AIR Immunisation history Statement

How do I obtain an AIR history statement for my child?

  • Telephone AIR on 1800 653 809
  • email:
  • Visit your local Department of Human Services Centre (Medicare) and requesting an AIR history statement in person
  • registering with the Department of Human Services at

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