As Chief Executive Officer of the Board, the Principal is directly responsible for the educational leadership, development, operation and management of the school. The Principal meets with the School Board once per term to discuss strategic matters, including progress of the school Business Plan. The Board plays an important role in promoting the interests of the community to the school so that strategic development aligns with the needs of the local community.

Board meetings are open to the public – community members are welcome to attend.

The ORPS Board would like to encourage all members of our school community to come aboard and get involved in the education of your children. Participating in activities at the school demonstrates to your child that you value the school and value their education and value their future.

Proposed Board Meeting Dates for 2018

Wednesday March 7, Wednesday June 6, Wednesday August 22, Wednesday November 14.

Board Information and 2018 Nomination Form

ORPS Board Composition  

Chief Executive Officer:


Elected Parent Members:

4 – 10 Parent Representatives
- including the Board Chair

1 P&C Representative
(nominated Yearly by the P&C)

Elected Staff Representatives

3 Staff Members & Board Secretary

Community Members

Up to 4 Community, Industry or Education Representatives