At Ocean Reef Primary School we are very lucky to have the ongoing support of a wonderful group of parents that form our P&C. Our school P&C have been very successful in fundraising for school resources and regularly providing support at school events throughout the year, however, the Ocean Reef Primary School Parents & Citizens Committee will always welcome new members 

The P&C meet in weeks 3 and 7 of each school term

Why should you join? 

‘To be a role model to your children showing the importance of volunteering and community engagement.’                            

WACSSO quote 

What does the P&C do? 

Everything we do is for the kids! From organising fun events, lending a hand to the school if needed and raising funds for the school to spend. 

Where does the fundraising money go? 

We raise around $10,000 every school year and we decide at the P&C meetings what to spend it on.  

We have a list of yearly donations we make to the school on our P&C strategic plan, which we discuss at every meeting. This includes our contribution to the chaplain, book week awards, awesome kids morning teas, dad’s camp food and lots more. 

For new ‘wishes’, the school and the P&C have set up a procedure, where the idea gets passed through the leadership team, to make sure it benefits the whole school and is then discussed at the P&C meeting if we agree and would like to spend the money. 

What benefits are there for joining? 

The best thing is to hear school news firsthand. Part of the agenda at the meeting is the Principal’s report, and also a school Board report. These are always very informative among the other items. 

As mentioned above, you will be able to have input into where the money is spent. 

We currently have $30,000 in our P&C fund, and that is after all the obligations were set aside for this year. We are looking for some ideas on how we can improve our school with it!  

You just need to bring $1 to join as a financial member to have your vote count. Bring your ideas, to spend the money or open some clubs or any other fun things we can do. 

Will you have to take on a committee position if you join? 

NO! Definitely not if you don’t want to. 

P&C Meetings are twice a term

The P&C meet in weeks 3 and 7 of each school term

YES – I’ll give it a go. Awesome, see you at the next meeting 

I NEED MORE INFO – sure, just email your questions to 

NO – we will miss you. But if you just like to help sometimes when it suits, we’d love to add you to our helper list. Just drop a piece of paper with your name and email into our P&C pigeonhole at the Bridge. 

Don’t forget: 

We have a P&C Facebook page for p&c and parent communication 

‘Ocean Reef PS P&C – Second Hand Uniform and Lost Property’ 

Our P&C room, is open every Friday morning from 8.30am to 9am, where we have our Second Hand Uniform ShopHair Accessories Shop and Lost Property BasketsPlus, Friday morning chats, there is even a coffee machine. See you there… 

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”

The motto that Ocean Reef Primary School P&C stand behind.

Our 2021 P&C Committee:

President: Kat Backhouse

Vice President: Prue Drake-Brockman

Treasurer: Kim McSwan

Secretary: Kim McSwan

Executive Members: Kristy White

General P&C email address:

Please follow the link to view the full P&C brochure

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