Edu-Dance 2020 – Term 1

On Thursday 13 February classes will commence their Edu-Dance lessons.  Edu-Dance is part of our Physical Education focus for Term 1.  These lessons run for 30 minutes per class each week and classes present their Edu-Dance item at the end of term concert.  Payment using QKR app is the quickest and most recommended method of payment.  Please speak with your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions about the Edu-Dance program.  Payment is due by Wednesday 26 February.

Edu-Dance Payment & Permission


Parent / Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 4 March

Parent / Teacher interviews are being held on Wednesday 4 March. The normal school timetable will cease at lunchtime 12:15pm, and students are asked to be collected at this time.  Students that need to remain at school will be supervised. Please email Chris Smith if your child will require supervision on the day;

As in previous years, we would ask that you book an appointment time using this sign up.

Please note, this link takes you the Kindy class sign up.
Select your child’s teacher on the top tabs to choose a time. If you accidentally pick a time for the wrong teacher, contact me and I can change them.

The Parent/Teacher Signup will become accessible at 9am on Monday 24 February 2020.


 QKR Payment App at ORPS – Payments made EASY!

ORPS are happy to promote and announce that we have now set up easy payments for parents and guardians using the QKR App (pronounced Quicker).  Please open and follow the instructions below to get started.

QKR App is very user friendly and allows payments to be made on any device and you can link your payments to a credit / debit card or straight from your savings account.  Once you have set up your account with your payment and child/ren details, payments can be made for all school excursions / incursions, special events and voluntary contributions.  Please note that all items will appear in the event menu regardless if your child is involved in that event or not so please read notes carefully to avoid paying for the incorrect item.

QKR App Information